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暁 Akatsuki

比羅夫/ Hirafu

Villa/ 別墅


物件 About

  • Building Area 建築面積: 324m²(98 坪tsubo)

  • Land Area 土地面積: 654m²(197.8 坪tsubo)

  • 5 房Bedrooms

  • 6浴室 Bathrooms

  • Akatsuki是一個豪華的五臥室套房別墅。一直延伸到下面的道路,確保了對羊蹄山的壯麗景觀,下方可建新建築物。

  • 位於Hirafu Middle Village的山崖上。

  • 面向東方,別墅可以欣賞到羊蹄山上的日出,事實上,“Akatsuki”在日語中的意思是“黎明”。附近有許多受歡迎的餐廳和酒吧。村內的接駁巴士站就在幾米外,為較大的團體提供了更多的活動自由度。 這塊土地下降得足夠多,以至於人們可以在下方的道路水平上建造一棟新的2-3層建築,而不會影響到Akatsuki的景觀。

  • Akatsuki別墅向阿爾卑斯山致敬,風格和裝潢均採用了歐洲風格,由日本工匠以卓越的質量實施。整個別墅都使用了天然材料,包括從比利時進口的寬板實木地板和石牆。粗糙的再生木表面與混凝土和玻璃的當代設計重點以及豪華的家具形成對比。


  • Located on the Hirafu Middle Village bluff, Akatsuki is a luxury fully ensuited 5 bedroom chalet . The property extends all the way down to the road below, guaranteeing the stunning views to Mt. Yotei, and allows for a possible second structure to be below Akatsuki.

  • Located on the Hirafu Middle Village bluff, the site was selected with the stunning views in mind. Facing east, the chalet catches the sun rising over Mt. Yotei, and indeed “Akatsuki” means “dawn” in Japanese. There is immediate access to the area's popular restaurants and bars. The village shuttle bus stops just a few meters walk away, giving more freedom of movement for larger groups.

  • The land extends all the way down to the road down below, meaning the current views are guaranteed. The land drops far enough that a person could build a new 2-3 story building at road level below, and not interfere with the views at Akatsuki. Perhaps an annex, for a group who would like more bedrooms.

  • With a nod to the Alps, Akatsuki Chalet is European in styling and finish, implemented with the exceptional quality of Japanese tradesmen. Natural materials are featured throughout, including wide plank solid oak floors imported from Belgium, and stone walls. The rougher recycled timber surfaces are contrasted with contemporary accents of concrete and glass, and sumptuous furnishings.

詳情請聯繫 Enquiry


Tony Tso 曹先生 (ソウ)


Tel / Whatsapp:
(+81) 70-2307-1477


詳細 Details 

●種類 Type

Villa/ 別墅

​●地区 Region

比羅夫/ Hirafu



324m²(98 坪))

●総戸(部屋)数/ Rooms



654m²(197.8 坪)

● 所在地 ​ Address

Nisekohirafu 2 Jō, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0089 日本

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