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Kabayama 192-11-Large land


Land / 土地


物件 About

  • ¥49,999: 坪單價  Price per tsubo

  • 土地面積 / Land Area: 12,182m² (3685.1 坪)


這塊位於樺山 (Kabayama)的土地機會距離Hirafu和Annupuri滑雪場僅幾分鐘路程。在道道66號公路旁,十分適合注重隱私的客戶,還無縫地連接到該地區的主要景點。該物業地勢大部分平坦,為開發提供了理想的畫布,擁有一個戰略性的高點,可以最大程度地欣賞安努普里山和羊蹄山的景色。無論您想象中是一個宏偉的別墅還是一系列豪華住宅,這塊土地都為實現您對Niseko生活的願景提供了無盡的可能性。

Nestled along a secluded forested backroad, this land unveils captivating panoramas of Mount Annupuri and its ski fields, with the majestic presence of Mount Yotei rising gracefully through the treetops.

This extraordinary land opportunity in Kabayama is positioned just minutes from both Hirafu and the Annupuri slopes. Tucked away off Route 66, this parcel ensures not only privacy but also seamless access to the region's premier attractions. The property offers largely flat terrain, providing an ideal canvas for development, with a strategic elevation point to maximise the views of Annupuri and Mount Yotei. Whether you envision a single grand chalet or a collection of luxury residences, this land presents endless possibilities for realizing your vision of Niseko living.

詳情請聯繫 Enquiry


Tony Tso 曹先生 (ソウ)


詳細 Details 

●種類 Type

Land / 土地

​●地区 Region




0m²(0 坪)

●総戸(部屋)数/ Rooms



12,182m² (3685.1 坪)

● 所在地 ​ Address


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