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MUWA Niseko 603

比羅夫/ Hirafu



物件 About

  • Building Area 建物面積: 217m² (65.8 坪)

  • Land Area 土地面積: 0m² (0 坪)

  • 4 部屋 Bedrooms

  • 4 浴室 Bathrooms

MUWA NISEKO酒店位於二世谷羊蹄山滑雪場的腳下,直接通往平底車道和兩個滑雪纜車,享有直接滑雪進出的便利。MUWA NISEKO將世界著名的二世谷粉雪帶到您的門前。

MUWA NISEKO由韓華集團開發,韓華是韓國最大的企業之一,是《財富》全球500強企業,以其在製造和建築、金融、服務和休閒等方面的專業知識而著稱。韓華代表了全球領先的酒店公司,在韓國、日本和美國擁有豪華精品酒店(首爾柏悅酒店)、國內外公寓以及各種休閒目的地。

Positioned directly at the foot of the Niseko Grand Hirafu ski resort with direct ski-in, ski-out access to the Hirafu Gondola and two ski lifts, MUWA Niseko brings the world-famous powder snow of Niseko right to your doorstep. MUWA Niseko pays homage to traditional, timeless and elegant Japanese home construction, by combining the core concepts of local architecture and using these as the very foundation for the building's design.

Muwa Niseko is being developed by Hanwha, a Fortune Global 500 company that is one of South Korea’s largest business enterprises, known for its expertise in manufacturing & construction, finance, and service & leisure. Hanwha represents global leading hospitality company, having a luxury boutique hotel (The Plaza Seoul), domestic and international condominiums, and various type of leisure destinations in South Korea, Japan, and US.

詳情請聯繫 Enquiry


Tony Tso 曹先生 (ソウ)


Tel / Whatsapp:
(+81) 70-2307-1477


詳細 Details 

●種類 Type


​●地区 Region

比羅夫/ Hirafu




●総戸(部屋)数/ Rooms




● 所在地 ​ Address

MUWA NISEKO, 3丁目-10 ニセコひらふ1条 倶知安町 北海道 日本

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