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Niseko Land For Sale - Ginto Hirafu Estate




  • Plots in Ginto range from 1,094.02m2 (330 tsubo) to 2,480.25m2 (750 tsubo), with prices starting from $850,000 USD. Surrounded by the lush forests of Ginto, this land consists of 23 plots, offering a rare blend of privacy and accessibility. Pavilion Niseko, comprising 19 suites and scheduled for completion in 2024-2025, is set to become the focal point of Niseko's future.  The Pavilion Hotel, plans to introduce a new hotel featuring 32 special suites and 12 treehouses.Owners of Ginto's plots will have access to all the facilities of The Pavilion Hotel, including: The restaurants, shops, and event venues of The Pavilion Hotel are all planned to be situated lakeside, facing the pond within the premises. 

  • Rooftop bar and restaurant

  • Natural outdoor hot springs

  • Fitness center and yoga studio

  • Walking paths within the premises

  • Concierge services

  • Shuttle service to the ski slopes

  • Various events organized for Ginto Village




Land (For Sale)



​●Building Area/㎡ 


● Address

Hirafu, 倶知安町 北海道 日本




Tony Tso


Tel / Whatsapp:(+81) 70-2307-1477



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