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Soga Meadows - Villa Site 480-48



  • ¥140,000 per tsubo

  • Land Area - 420m² (127.1 tsubo)

A unique and flexible land opportunity near Annupuri Resort, with options to purchase neighbouring lots as part of a larger multi-house project.

The Soga Meadows lots offer convenient, close proximity to Annupuri Resort (5 minutes drive) within a with quiet Hokkaido environment. In the foreground mature pines and birch trees set the scene, with tantalizing glimpses of Mt. Yotei and Mt. Annupuri in the distance. Located on a private road, the main Route 66 is far enough away that the site is quiet.

There are numerous other lots for sale in this neighbourhood to develop several houses together with friends and family, or for business. Click “View block map” to see the lot in grey, as well as other nearby options. The land is evenly sloping and flattish, which will help to keep down the construction costs.







​●Land Area/㎡ 

420m²(127.1 tsubo)

● Address

日本、〒048-1522 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町曽我




Tony Tso


Tel / Whatsapp:(+81) 70-2307-1477



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