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Ginto Hirafu Estate

比羅夫/ Hirafu

Land / 土地


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The Pavilion Hotel計劃建設一家新酒店,擁有32間特殊套房和12棟樹屋。

Ginto地塊的所有者將可以使用The Pavilion Hotel的所有設施,包括:

  • 天台酒吧和餐廳

  • 天然露天溫泉

  • 健身中心和瑜伽室

  • 地塊內的步行小徑

  • 服務台服務

  • 前往滑雪場的穿梭服務

  • 為Ginto村舉辦的各種活動

The Pavilion Hotel的餐廳、商店和活動場所都計劃建在湖邊,面向地塊內的池塘。湖的另一邊是羊蹄山的壯麗景色,而地塊內保留的蝦夷松樹增添了自然之美。


Plots in Ginto range from 1,094.02m2 (330 tsubo) to 2,480.25m2 (750 tsubo), with prices starting from $850,000 USD.

Surrounded by the lush forests of Ginto, this land consists of 23 plots, offering a rare blend of privacy and accessibility. Pavilion Niseko, comprising 19 suites and scheduled for completion in 2024-2025, is set to become the focal point of Niseko's future. 

The Pavilion Hotel, plans to introduce a new hotel featuring 32 special suites and 12 treehouses.Owners of Ginto's plots will have access to all the facilities of The Pavilion Hotel, including:

  • Rooftop bar and restaurant

  • Natural outdoor hot springs

  • Fitness center and yoga studio

  • Walking paths within the premises

  • Concierge services

  • Shuttle service to the ski slopes

  • Various events organized for Ginto Village

The restaurants, shops, and event venues of The Pavilion Hotel are all planned to be situated lakeside, facing the pond within the premises. 

詳情請聯繫 Enquiry


Tony Tso 曹先生 (ソウ)


Tel / Whatsapp:
(+81) 70-2307-1477


詳細 Details 

●種類 Type

Land / 土地

​●地区 Region

比羅夫/ Hirafu



0m²(0 坪)

●総戸(部屋)数/ Rooms




● 所在地 ​ Address

Hirafu, 倶知安町 北海道 日本

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