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Hanazono Log House


Villa/ 別墅


物件 About

  • Building Area / 建物面積: 313m² (94.7 坪)

  • Land Area / 土地面積: 1,917m² (579.9 坪)

  • 3 房 Bedrooms

  • 1 浴室 Bathroom

房屋位於花園野之丘(Hanazono)的北部地區,步行距離內即可到達花園野度假村(Hanazono Resort)和凱悅尼塞科酒店(Park Hyatt Niseko)。這是少數位於北部地區指定用於夜間出租的物業之一。




Classic log house located in the North Hills area of Hanazono, within walking distance from Hanazono Resort and the Park Hyatt Niseko. This is one of the few properties located within an area of North Hills designated for nightly rentals.

This large log house seems intertwined with the great nature of Hokkaido. The 1,917m² site is slanted at the back into a forested ravine, and you can see the beautiful white birch tree tops from the terrace on the second floor.

There is a 2 car garage on the 1st floor, and also plenty of storage space for skis, outdoor equipment, BBQ stoves, tables, etc. 

On the 2nd floor is a large living/dining/kitchen, bathroom, as well as access to a large terrace from the living room and kitchen. 

On the 3rd floor, in addition to the large bedroom, there is a free space with windows and benches where you can enjoy the distant views. Owners who wish to have more rooms could partition the space as part of a larger renovation.

詳情請聯繫 Enquiry


Tony Tso 曹先生 (ソウ)


Tel / Whatsapp:
(+81) 70-2307-1477


詳細 Details 

●種類 Type

Villa/ 別墅

​●地区 Region




313m² (94.7 坪)

●総戸(部屋)数/ Rooms



1,917m² (579.9 坪)

● 所在地 ​ Address

日本、〒044-0083 Hokkaido, Abuta District, Kutchan, 旭

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