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​The Best Powder Snow- NISEKO

The natural blessing of Niseko's Niseko Valley, with its high latitude and sea breezes, brings Japan's

highest quality and softest powder snow. This has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the world's second-best ski season, lasting for five months. The snow quality is soft, fine,

and when accumulated on the ground, it appears like soft cotton.

Increasing of Investment in NISEKO

In the Niseko area , the number of international tourists keep increasing. This has led to a rise in large-scale investments from investors in Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, and the United States, leading to the development of major resorts, condominiums, villas, and land. To meet the demand from foreign tourists, there has been progress in the development of hotel condominiums, which can be rented out as hotel rooms when not in use by the owners. As a result, the number of real estate transactions in Kutchan and Niseko towns has also been on the rise.


Hot Springs






Total Courses of the 4 Main  Ski Resorts

*All summarized data is collected  from the Niseko official website.

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Explore the Beauty of Nature throughout

Four Seasons


Our team is dedicated to promoting the wonderful region of Niseko and expanding its allure. We provide support tailored to our clients' needs, including land development, real estate transactions, investment in large-scale resorts, hotels, and villas, as well as architectural planning.