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(2024 ver.) For Foreign Clients - Guidelines of Buying Japan Properties

How to Buy a property in Japan?

  • Step 1. Property Inquiry & Selection Based on the customer's homebuying criteria and budget, We will search for andprovide relevant property information including price, area, location, walking time to the station, and return on investment (ROI)

  • Step 2. On-site Inspection in Japan Customers can visit the property in Japan in person or refer to the environment and exterior of the house through Google Maps. Photos and videos of the property provided for reference. If needed, we can provide a translator and explanation for the customers.

  • Step 3. Submit the Real Estate Purchase Certificate When the customer decides to purchase, they need to fill out a 'Purchase Certificate', including price, purchase timing, furniture, and other conditions, and submit it to the seller for negotiation. *Before submitting the certificate, if necessary, we will provide Due Diligence. (Additional service item)

  • Step 4. Prepare the Contract Documents & Deposit Once both parties agree on the price, a Purchase and Sale Agreement (売買契約書) and Important Matters Explanation Document will be prepared, and the sign - ing date will be negotiated. The customer needs to prepare a 10% deposit and 50% of the agency fee. If the purchase is canceled after signing contract, the deposit will not be refunded.

  • Step 5. Settlement and handover/Property Registration Authorize our company (Licensed Real Estate Transaction Specialist in Japan) to sign on behalf or personally attend the signing in Japan. On the day of handover, once the seller confirms receipt of the remaining payment, the customer can obtain the keys. At the same time, property registration procedures will also be conducted. After all property rights information is confirmed by a judicial scrivener, the final payment and related fees are required. The Japanese government will issue the Certificate of Title and Transcript within approximately 1-2 weeks. Our company will immediately deliver them to the customer upon receipt.


Overseas clients need to pay attention to the followings.

  1. We do not accept any methods of payment via bank transfers from banks or other financial institutions of Mainland China.

  2. Before formally submitting the purchase certificate, we will conduct a Know Your Customer (KYC) background check for the client, including personal, corporate, institutional, and funding source backgrounds, to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the client.

  3. Before formally submitting the purchase certificate, a 1% earnest deposit must be paid, and the remaining 9% must be paid on the day of signing the contract. (The earnest deposit/down payment is 10% of the total property value.)


Common FAQ about buying properties in Japan

Q:How to do if I want to apply loans?

If a foreigner wishes to apply for a loan, they can contact banks or financial institutions in Japan or their home country. However, the approval rate for loans for foreigners in Japan is low, and the approved loan amount is typically only around 40% to 50%. Therefore, we recommend that clients consider purchasing with cash or inquire about loan options in their home country to prepare the necessary funds.

Q:Need a guarantor?

In Japan, rental properties require a joint guarantor or a guarantor company, but for purchasing a house, a guarantor is not required unless applying for a loan (in which case the guarantor must be a Japanese citizen). However, it is extremely difficult for foreigners without long-term residency status in Japan to successfully apply.

Q:How to evaluate the price of the property?

we conduct various background investigations according to customer requirements, including the property's financial/financial, land conditions, relevant historical background, etc., and commis-sion professional personnel to conduct price assessments.

Q:Possible to purchase property in Japan without permanent residency?

Yes, there are no restrictions on residency qualifications for foreign-ers to purchase real estate in Japan. Foreigners have the same rights as Japanese nationals to buy and own real estate. Foreigners only need to provide written notice to the Bank of Japan within 20 days after purchasing real estate.

Q:How to Pay?

Payment must be made in Japanese yen and can be done either in cash (with prior agreement from the seller) or through wire transfer. We do not accept other foreign currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Q:How are agency service fees calculated ?

Generally, the agency service fee is calculated as 3% of the property price plus 60,000 Japanese yen (plus consumption tax). Additionally, consumption tax applies. Other fees include judicial scrivener fees, stamp duty, name change fees, etc., which amount to approximately 5-8% of the property price (depending on the circumstances).

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