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Why is real estate investment increasing even under the corona crisis only in Niseko?

t is a ski resort in Hokkaido and boasts the largest scale in Japan. Niseko has many famous ski resorts and is known around the world for its annual snowfall and quality of powder snow, earning it thename "Powder Snow Paradise".


In addition, besides winter there are also many activities throughout the four seasons, such as trekking and golf in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall, and sakura in the spring. In recent years, Niseko's international popularity has increased as the number of tourists from all over the world is increasing,In tourism-related industries such as hotels and restaurants,many foreign-affiliated companies, developers, and real estate investors are also paying attention to Niseko, and the development of luxury condominiums and villa areas is progressing rapidly . Infrastructure development around Niseko is expected to progress steadily in the future too. 

Niseko investment status

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, the number of inbound tourists (the number of foreign visitors to Japan) in October 2020 was 27,400, a 99% decrease compared to the same month of the previous year for the seventh consecutive month. On the contrary, new development plans by Chinese and Korean capital have also been revealed, and real estate investment in units of 100 million yen by wealthy people in Japan and overseas continues to be active.

Increasing Investmentfrom Foreign companies

Hong Kong and other Asian investment giants have opened luxury hotel construction such as the Ritz-Carlton and Aman, leading to large-scale resort construction, development and investment activities. The fact that development, construction, and public works projects by these major foreign companies are continuing even under the COVID-19 crisis that allow local businesses, small and medium-sized businesses to operate from a medium- to long-term perspective with peace of mind.


Global Monetary Easing

The largest monetary easing and fiscal stimulus measurements have been taken by governments and central banks not only in Japan but also in the United States and Europe in order to balance "employment, business and life" from the corona disaster.  As a result, more money has flowed into real estate and stocks than ever before, The Nikkei Stock Average has renewed its highest value for the first time in 20 years, The New York Dow Jones Industrial Average has also renewed its all-time high.

Overseas wealthy & Existence of hotel condominium

The biggest beneficiaries of monetary easing are domestic and foreign businesses and the wealthy. In the case of Niseko, investment targets are luxury condominiums (hotel condominiums), and there are many real estate properties that have jumped more than tenfold over the past five years. Niseko, unlike other domestic resorts, has strongly attracted "overseas wealthy investors" rather than "overseas tourists", so even if inbound demand is zero under the corona crisis, it will continue to be lively. 


Reference: Katsuhide Takahashi, Why did only Niseko become a world resort?

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