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Our Business

Our Future Direction 

We mainly deal with real estate investment and land development in Niseko ,

including land, hotel and resort development investment in the Niseko area,

also construction order design, planning, implementation strategy, etc.

We provide full support for all customer needs.


What We Do

our management philosophy are mainly classified into 6 points as following with a wide range of menus .

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Real estate investment

buying and selling

Provide variety of choices of Niseko investment such as Land, Villa and Hotel etc.



Advice on various aspects of real estate research.


Large-scale resort,

Architecture/land development

Provide support & strategies for real estate investments in Niseko

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Japan Investment


Business Visa Application Support

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M&A Support

Provide specialized advice and support for busines engaging in acquisitions, mergers, and other corporate transactions.

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Original Brand of Surgical Level Face Mask " DT  MASK"

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