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Deep nature experience, Water activities, Yoga, and playing GOLF under the beautiful scenery of Mount Yotei, Enjoy the fun of summer in NISEKO!

Hokkaido's summer is truly a wonderful time, and NISEKO is an excellent destination!

You can experience the depths of nature, enjoy water activities, feel the tranquility of yoga, and even challenge yourself with golf under the beautiful scenery of Mount Yotei.

The official website of Niseko Tourism has announced the summer activities for 2024 in NISEKO. From mountain climbing to strolling in the countryside, the ubiquitous beauty will surely amaze you. Water activities are also another captivating option. You can try kayaking, river rafting, or fishing in the lakes, all of which allow you to experience the unique charm of nature.

If you enjoy yoga, NISEKO is an excellent place to practice. In this tranquil environment, you can merge with nature and feel the peace and relaxation of body and mind.

Challenging golf under the shadow of Mount Yotei is also a delight. The golf courses here not only offer beautiful scenery but also have excellent facilities, allowing you to enjoy the fun and challenge of the game.

For nature lovers, NISEKO offers endless exploration opportunities. Here, the editor has selected some key highlights for you to explore first.


The Niseko area boasts several renowned golf courses catering to players of all abilities. Situated in a hilly basin between Mount Yotei and Mount Annupuri, this unique geographical environment offers golf courses with diverse routes, including forests, hills, and open terrain, all while enjoying the scenic beauty of Mount Yotei.

Within a 30-minute drive, there are three golf courses: Hanazono Golf Course, Niseko Village Golf Course, and Niseko Golf Course, open from April to November each year.

The opening times for each golf course in the summer of 2024 are as follows:

Golf Course: May 3rd to November 4th

Niseko Village Golf Course: May 25th to October 20th

Niseko Golf Course: April 25th to November 10th


2. MountainCycling & Cycling

Mountain biking and cycling are both popular activities in the Niseko area. Whether you're riding on rugged terrain in the mountains or cruising along country paths, you can find routes and challenges to suit your preferences.

Mountain biking is typically used for adventurous rides, with bikes designed to handle various terrains such as rocky mountain trails, dirt roads, and obstacles. This allows you to explore farther distances, tackle more obstacles, and experience the excitement and challenges of mountain biking.

On the other hand, cycling allows for comfortable rides along country paths, lake shores, and rural trails. This type of riding emphasizes relaxation and enjoying the scenery, allowing you to explore the natural beauty of the area in a more leisurely manner while maintaining physical health.

Whether you choose mountain biking or cycling, you can enjoy a fulfilling riding experience in the Niseko area, while also appreciating the beauty of nature.

Every summer, Niseko hosts multiple cycling events, with the most famous being the "Niseko Classic," the largest road race in Hokkaido. This event attracts cyclists from Japan and around the world, making it a highly challenging and attractive competition. Additionally, there is also the most popular hill climb race in Hokkaido held annually, where participants can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Mount Yotei along the route, adding to the allure and uniqueness of the race. These competitions are not only gatherings for cycling enthusiasts but also provide an excellent opportunity for participants to experience the magnificent nature of Hokkaido while challenging themselves.


2.Water Outdoor Activities


As the snow melts, canoeing is one of the most popular summer activities in Niseko, with the Shubetsu River being one of the prime locations for this. The Shubetsu River is renowned as one of the cleanest rivers in Japan, offering nearly 7 kilometers of exhilarating rapids for those seeking a thrilling canoeing experience. Additionally, there are sections of the river with gentle, winding currents suitable for visitors of all ages to enjoy canoeing.

In Niseko, you can find experienced outdoor adventure guides who offer various excursions for school groups, families, and solo travelers. These professional guides ensure your safety while allowing you to enjoy the fun of canoeing in a unique and enjoyable way.


The Ducky is a small raft designed specifically for 1-2 people, named for its resemblance to the tail wagging of a duck while swimming in water. Due to its compact design, the Ducky offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing it to easily navigate through rapids.

The Ducky shares some similarities with kayaks in certain aspects, as they both use paddles on both sides to propel forward and move in similar ways.

However, the Ducky is typically more spacious and can accommodate 1-2 people, whereas kayaks are typically designed for single-person use. Additionally, the bottom of the Ducky is usually inflatable, providing it with greater buoyancy and adaptability to different water flow environments.

3. Fishing

Here, one of the cleanest rivers in Japan is found, so the streams are filled with healthy and active fish populations. During the summer, many rivers in the Niseko area have popular fishing spots for fishing enthusiasts to visit and fish.

You can book local guides who are very familiar with the local rivers and fishing hotspots, able to provide you with the best fishing locations and techniques. This way, you can fully enjoy your fishing experience and spend a pleasant fishing trip in the clear rivers of Niseko.

Whether you want to fish for salmon, trout, or other species, Niseko can meet your needs, allowing you to enjoy the joy of fishing in the embrace of nature.


3.The Ultimate Health and Wellness Resort Destination, Niseko.

You can rejuvenate and reconnect with nature through the beauty of the natural landscapes and abundant outdoor activities.

The natural scenery of Niseko will truly delight you. Whether it's the majestic Mount Yotei, the clear rivers, or the lush countryside, you'll immerse yourself in nature and feel the power and beauty of the natural world.

The Niseko area boasts a rich selection of hot springs, with facilities located throughout, many of which are near Mount Annupuri. After spending a long day in the mountains, soaking in a hot spring is the best way to relax joints and soothe muscle aches. Visitors can enjoy "Toji" therapy, a relaxation technique in which one immerses oneself in hot springs heated by geothermal activity and rich in minerals. Hot springs are an integral part of Japanese culture, and the tradition of relaxing in them dates back a long time. Click on the following link to browse the Niseko Hot Springs Guide.


4.Unique Nature Experiences

  • Niseko Hiking Hokkaido is hailed as the "last unspoiled land of Japan," boasting some of the country's most pristine natural landscapes. The mild summers of Hokkaido attract nature enthusiasts from all over Japan who seek to escape the hot and humid climate of Honshu and find the tranquility and beauty of nature.

  • Hiking is one of the excellent ways to enjoy outdoor activities in Niseko. With diverse terrain, visitors have many locations to explore. For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Niseko offers leisurely walking routes suitable for children and families. For those with a certain level of fitness, moderate difficulty hiking trails are also offered .

  • Travelling in Niseko Niseko has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Hokkaido due to its breathtaking scenery and beautiful natural environment. You can explore this awe-inspiring natural beauty to your heart's content, immersing yourself in majestic mountains, sparkling rivers, and fresh air.


The entire summer in Niseko is filled with a variety of exciting activities that you definitely shouldn't miss! From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, there are activities suitable for people of all ages and interests, ensuring you have a fulfilling and enjoyable holiday.

Wondering how to enjoy Niseko to the fullest? Feel free to refer to the NISEKO GUIDE for ideas and recommendations.

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