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DT Swift Japan Properties Listing

Agent:Tony Tso

Tel / Whatsapp :(+81) 70-2307-1477


NISEKO HILLS Land For Sale(In progress 24/04/02)

This Project is currently under planning(2024/04/03 last updated)


This project is located in The "Niseko Tourist Area" where is formed by Kutchan Town, Niseko Town and Rangoshi Town in southwestern Hokkaido. (This project is currently under planning. Further Details please contact our agent). 


This property is located just a 2-hour drive from Sapporo city. You can enjoy its natural water spring and beautiful walking paths with the stunning view of Mt. Yotei. With a big emphasis on contrasting materiality and textures and working with the signature House each villa architecturally brings a sense of stature, modernity and harmony to the natural surroundings. 

Location 所在地:北海道虻田郡俱知安町

実景取材動画 Actual Enviroment Video

(最後更新:2024/04/02 )

Property Information 物件情報

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